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Host Your Own Bonfire Bingo Night!

If you’re a big fan of hosting your own dinners and parties, why not host your own bingo night? With Bonfire Night coming up, we thought it was only fitting to create a Bonfire Night-themed Bingo Night Guide. So, if you’re tired of traditional Bonfire Nights spent in the pouring rain, take a look at our guide, helping you host the perfect Bonfire Night complete with a bingo tournament, prizes, refreshments and, of course, fireworks!

1. Bingo

Obviously, for a bingo night you’ll need your own bingo cards and caller. But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! Check out BingoPort’s exclusive Bingo Caller. Using this handy tool, you can choose which type of bingo you want to play: 75-ball or 90-ball. Then, you can print out your own bingo cards. They can be customised with different colours, text and headers!

Plus, it comes with an automated bingo caller, which will generate the numbers for you. We’d suggest picking someone with a bit of flair and fun to call out the numbers—a bingo caller could make or break your bingo night!

Don’t forget, you’ll have to decide whether you’re going to supply bingo dabbers too—or if it’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Dabber)!

You can have multiple games in one night—there’s no limit to how much bingo you can play!

2. Prizes

It wouldn’t be a proper game of bingo without prizes. Of course, the size and pricing of said prizes all depends on your budget.

You could get your guests to contribute a bit of money towards a money prize pot, which can then be divided per game. Or, you could buy a bunch of small prizes ranging from chocolates, to gift cards to bath sets.

If your budget is particularly low, you could always go down the coupon route. Get your guests to write down a favour of some sorts: e.g. a home-cooked meal, or a personal manicure. You could make them as funny or serious as you’d like.

Example of prizes

3. Refreshments

Refreshments are the staple of every good party or event—but don’t worry, feeding a crowd doesn’t have to be difficult! Traditional Bonfire Night food is pretty hearty, like burgers, hot dogs and jacket potatoes alongside ever-popular seasonal treats such as toffee apples, gingerbread and marshmallows.

Toffee apples

If you’re looking for a few extra ideas to spice up your Bingo Night, we recommend checking out Pinterest—it has a bunch of great ideas! Personally, we love the idea of Pulled Pork BBQ sandwiches followed by a slice of some Toffee Apple cake!

Bonfire Night food

As for beverages, what could be better than toffee cider? And with the bad weather, hot chocolate usually goes down a treat too—but why stop there? For an autumnal twist on this classic hot drink, why not try salted caramel rum hot chocolate?

Salted caramel drink

4. Fireworks

It wouldn’t be much of a Bonfire Night if you didn’t have a selection of fireworks ready. If you don’t have a big budget, you could spread the cost by asking your guests to bring a small selection of their own—the more that’s contributed, the bigger the display will be! It’s the perfect intermission between your exciting bingo games!

Gif of fireworks

Plus, if you don’t have a back garden large enough for a bonfire, you could always settle for a barbecue—you could even roast some marshmallows over it!

5. Extra Games

If you need something to space out your bingo games and fireworks, you could come up with a few exciting extra games and activities. Everyone loves spelling their name (or another word) using the glow of a sparkler, for example...

Gif of a sparkler

...but this year, why not go out of the box and try it with a bit of bingo flair? Give your guests a bingo card, and a sparkler. Then, compete to see who can write the most numbers from their card before the sparkler goes out!

We hope you found this guide useful—and remember, many of these festive tips can be used all year round. After all, there’s never a bad time for a bingo party!

Have a fun Bonfire Night—let us know what you get up to in the comments!

Interested in more bingo-related fun? Check out our Bonfire Bingo card!



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